10 Naturally Detoxifying Foods You Should Eat Often


What is the purpose of a detox? A detox eliminates unwanted toxins from your body by turning them into waste. The toxins can be in the form of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other environmental elements.

The goal of the detox is to increase the body’s detoxification process. Certain foods aid the body in the detoxification process and help rid your body of the unwanted toxins. A good way to protect your body from toxins is to eat a diet rich in the foods that will keep your digestive tract and organs healthy. For this reason, we should try and eat on or more of these foods daily to help detoxify your body.

10 Naturally Detoxifying Foods

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1. Asparagus detoxed the liver.

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2. Onions, also help detoxify the liver.

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3. Beets detoxifies the liver, support skin detoxification, plus they help rid the body of free radicals.

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4. Kale detoxes and flushes out the kidneys.

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5. Pineapple cleanses the stomach.

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6. Lemons detox the digestive tract.

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7. Grapefruit detoxes the liver and helps prevent kidney stones.

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8. Green Apples detox the liver.

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9. Ginger detoxes the liver, aids in digestion and detoxes the lymph.

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10. Green Tea flush the kidneys and help rid the body of free radicals


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