10 Pieces To Update Your Work Wear


No one wants to spend a fortune on updating your work wear. Banana Republic has great pieces that can be worn on a typical work day and can easily transition to a casual day. Plus, they always have a sale going on, right now you can save 40% off your purchase. The key to getting a fabulous work wardrobe is to create a capsule of items that can be interchanged. When picking pieces make sure to stick with the classics, nothing too trendy, especially if you want to be able to wear them season after season. I don’t mind spending a bit more on the pieces that fit great and won’t wear out too fast. Shop smart and go for quality over quantity.

Try and buy an item or two every month. This way you can continually add or replace worn items without impacting your budget. When shopping, don’t forget about The Loft, Ann Taylor, and J.Crew. Lastly, be patient, these stores have sales often, always make sure to wait for the sales before purchasing higher priced items.

10 Pieces to Update your Work Wear

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