40 Plus and Fabulous!


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40 Plus and Fabulous

40 plus and fabulous! There are some fabulous things that happen to us after 40! Sometimes we focus too much on the negative changes; instead we should be focusing on all the positives!

Personally, once I hit 40, I start to figure things out, and my life became much more transparent and more purposeful. I was over trying to keep up with everyone and realized the only person I needed to worry about was myself and my loved ones. I spend my 20’s and 30’s weeding through and by the time I reached 40 things become more clear.

The Best Thing About Being 40 Plus!

  1. We can focus on ourselves again! Personally, I had so many years of self-neglect. It took along time to figure out how to care for my needs. Once I started on the path, it became easier and quite honestly now a must in my life. Some things I do on a daily basis for me is exercise, eat good nutritious food, meditate and be practice gratitude. If you’re struggling to find how to feed your soul, try journaling, yoga, going on a walk, spending quality time with your partner. Try different things until you find what works for you.
  2. We learned to say no. It’s very powerful to say no and not feel guilty about it. If you have a hard time saying no, I challenge you to start. Saying no is a brave act, that’s why I put out the challenge. After I hit 40, I felt I like I was watching time pass through my hands like sand, saying no to someone showed how much I value my time and what I do with it.
  3. We know our boundaries. We learned that boundaries are good, knowing the limits of of a relationships with friends, partners, spouses, co-workers, children, clients, etc.. is so important. By 40 I stopped adjusting my boundaries to fit a particular relationship. I now understand that the boundaries are really about the relationship I have with myself, at 45 I stopped adjusting and stayed true to my values.
  4. Confidence! Once you turn 40, we all benefit from the massive boost of confidence and self-assurance. We can finally say so long to all the BS and hello to new opportunities and challenges we may not have felt up to tackling in our earlier years.
  5. We don’t care what others think. Another amazing perk! We’ve learned to do what makes us happy regardless of what others think. We finally realized it’s only our opinion of ourselves that matter
  6. We appreciate life. In our 40’s we’ve all lived through some pretty ugly stuff. But through that stuff, we’ve learned to be grateful and appreciate life.

The more years we live, the more we learn, and there is something magical about 40. We have learned a lot, yet we still have so much living to do. We know what we want and don’t want. So no matter what your age, step up, and create the life you’ve always imagined!


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