40/40 Full Body Workout, No Equipment Needed


This full-body workout is quick and efficient. Perform 5 push up’s before each listed exercise. This workout should take you about 20 minutes. If the weather is nice, grab a mat and exercise outside. Also, if you’re unsure of how to perform an exercise, click on the activity, and it will link you to a video to ensure proper form.

Remember to honor your body. Take breaks when needed and if the 40 reps are too many, do as many as you can, working up to the 40.

40-40 Full Body Workout

Exercise Exercise
 5 Push Ups  40 Squat Jumps
 5 Push Ups  40 Scissors
 5 Push Ups  40 Mountain Climbers
 5 Push Ups  40 Plank Jacks
 5 Push Ups  40 X Jumps
 5 Push Ups  40 Sit Ups
 5 Push Ups  40 Lunges- 20 Each Leg
 5 Push Ups  40 Bicycle Crunches




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