5 Multi-Purpose Beauty Products


These beauty products are real workhorses. I love multi-purpose beauty products, because as I age, the less fuzzy I am about makeup. When I find a product that I can wear on my lips, cheeks, and eyes, I’m sold. I no longer want to wear too many products on my face, and I feel like it ages me. I’d rather keep my makeup simple, a little color on my lips and cheeks with mascara and I’m done.

Here are a few of my favorite multipurpose beauty products I like to use. They are simple and easy to use.

5 Multi-Purpose Beauty Products

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WUNDER2 PRIME & BEHOLD is a Professional Primer for Color Make-up that locks any color pigment to the skin, intensifies it & ensures it is waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof for up to 24 hours. PRIME & BEHOLD will increase the longevity of your eye and lip looks so that they stay-all-day throughout rain, hail or shine!

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Shop Nars The Multiple

Considered the original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents; contours and highlights on all skin tones. Apply with your fingers and the warmth of your skin allows for perfect blending.

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Shop benetint

Our original rose-tinted stain is kiss-proof, see-through color for lips & cheeks that lasts for hours. Created for an exotic dancer in the 1970s, benetint is tried and true. It’s loved by celebs, makeup artists, and women everywhere.

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Shop Bio-Oil

The benefits of Bio-Oil are endless. For starters, it evens out your skin tone and helps to improve the appearance of scars, sstretch marks and hyper-pigmentation. The oil can also be used as a highlighter and can be mixed in with your daily moisturizer. Also, you can dab a few drops of the non-greasy oil on your cuticles, cracked heels or use it as a hydrating makeup primer under foundation

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Shop Egyptian Magic

This is probably one of my favorite multi-purpose products I have and use daily. Use it as a moisturizer, after burn care, treating cuts, fading scars, eczema relief, psoriasis relief, lip balm, aftershave, after sun care, hands, cuticles, makeup remover, eye cream, massage balm, tattoo aftercare, diaper rash and more!






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