5 Ways to Wear Graphic Tees


Graphic tees were big in 2017. If the Spring 2018 collections are any indication, fashion’s graphic tee obsession is going nowhere fast. The graphic tees are everywhere. Every major designer to your local J.Crew is displaying the tees. You’ll see everything from the favorite designer logo or your favorite street sign in Paris to tees that support a great cause.

Below, are a few fun ways to style your favorite graphic tee. They can be worn very casual or pair it with heels and skirt for a more dramatic look. Regardless of how you chose to style these tees are fun, and they let your personality shine.

5 Ways to Wear Graphic Tees

Blazer | Tee | Sneaker | Denim Jeans

Clutch | Tee | Sneakers | Leather Pants | Denim Jacket

Denim Skirt | Boots | Tee | Leather Moto Jacket

Blazer | Oxfords | Tee | Bag | Denim Jeans

Tee | Skirt | Bag | Pumps



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