The Best Athleta Cold Weather Workout Wear


Baby, it’s getting cold outside, and it’s only November! But don’t let the weather be the reason you skip your workout. It’s time to change out our spring/fall clothes for your cold-weather favorites. The legging we wore in spring and fall, just don’t cut it in winter.

Altheta is one of my favorite stores. I love their clothes, and they are super transitional they are, you look great working out and sporty enough to wear while running errands. They sell my favorite cold weather legging, and they keep you warm in freezing temps without feeling like you’re wearing layer after layer. Trust me living since I live in Minnesota I am a tuff critic.

Personally, nothing gets me more motivated than new workout clothes. Scroll through some of my favorite cold weather workout wear. Pick out your favorites, get outdoors and get moving.

The Best Athleta Cold Weather Workout Wear



Flurry Base Layer Turtleneck

Flurry Base Layer Top

Remarkawool Turtleneck

Frost High Traverse Tight

Sleet High Traverse Tight


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