The Best People To Follow On Instagram For Workout Inspiration


I work in a gym, and I love to workout, but sometimes I need a little inspiration. When I’m in an exercise rut, I turn to a few of my favorite fitness gurus on Instagram. These ladies always seem to motivate me and push me a little harder and motivate me to try some of the insane things they do in their workouts.

Who I Follow On Instagram For Workout Inspiration

Emily Skye Fitness

I love her story of redemption. As a teenager, she was bullied, depressed and on the verge of an eating disorder. As fitness became a part of her life, she started to feel like a superhero. The more she got into fitness, she realized how weights could transform her body. She now pregnant and is a big promoter of a fit pregnancy.

Alexia Clark

I follow Alexia Clark because she is a beast. She is my motivation to push myself to the next level. Her workouts are very intense, and if I accomplish a small fraction of it, I feel strong and proud. Her motto is, “A 1-hour workout is 4% of your day that will change 100% of your life”.

Britt Jill Fitness

I started following Britt as she was also a kickboxer trainer who thought outside the box and came up with creative workouts to mix things up in the gym. I’ve watched her transform her body over the past year a so, and it’s impressive.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla is the co-creator of the BBG. I use her workouts when I need to change my exercise routine up. Her BBG workout guide has helped many people improve their lives with exercise and diet.

Lindsey Vonn

This woman is such an inspiration! She is the worlds most successful woman skier, she continually battles back from injury, and when people count her out, she fights her way back and wins more championships. Her workouts are tough, and it is such an inspiration to me. I admire how she keeps pushing her body to accomplish success in all areas of her life.

Chris Freytag

Chris has been considered a fitness expert for years. She is over 50 and looks fantastic. I also love how she’ll show proper form and modifications for beginners.


Last, but certainly not least, I follow this adorable fitness fanatic, who happens to be my beautiful niece. I am always so impressed with Courtney and her dedication health and wellness. She loves to workout even more than me. She incredibly strong and her workout routines are always very challenging.

I encourage you all to check out my favorite motivators. I’d love to hear who you follow and why. I am always looking for new gurus to add to my Instagram for inspiration.





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