Changing Careers After 40

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Are you over 40 and thinking about changing careers? I’m talking about a new promotion but changing jobs altogether. The thought of a new career after 40 can be very unnerving. When you scroll through the countless job posting, your negative self-talk may be telling you that you’re not qualified, or you won’t be able to compete with the younger generation, or you’re not deserving of a new career. Your thoughts can put you in a state of fear. A state of fear so paralyzing you choose to do nothing. If the idea of going to work in your current situation makes you physically ill, you need to read on.

Changing careers after 40 can be the perfect time to look at the all possibilities that are available to you. You have a lot more going for you after 4o than you probably realize.

Changing Careers at 40 Plus

  1. The first step is believing you deserve another job. Don’t let fear stop you from a career transition. You are at a point in your career status where you have experience, knowledge, and skills to make a transition into a new position that interest you.
  2. Secondly, use your networking ability, use your network of people to land the perfect new job. Our generation is masterful at this craft. You don’t have to make this move alone, use your network to help.
  3. Third, we are at the stage in life where we can use our skills and strengths to help guide us in a new career path. We experienced enough to know our likes and dislikes, our strengths and weaknesses, use these to your advantage.
  4. Lastly, decide if you want to work for someone else or if you’re ready to venture out on your own and start the business you’ve always wanted to start.

We may feel petrified at the thought of changing careers over 40. In reality, no matter how you ended up exploring new career possibilities.  Use the situation to your advantage and do something that you will enjoy, feel fulfilled and gives your life purpose.


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