The Essentials for Your Home Workouts


I promise these affordable pieces of workout equipment will be more beneficial than any high ticket treadmill you could buy. If you want to create an efficient home gym, think about buying these simple products. With a few pieces of equipment, you can get great at home workout, plus you’ll have a variety of exercise you could do to with them to prevent boredom.

Jump Rope 

There is a lot of different jump ropes available. I like a vinyl rope, and it works great outdoors or indoors, you can add speed, it is lightweight and easy to resize.

Elites RS Jump Rope

Bosu Balance Trainer

The Bosu Balance Trainer PRO is such a versatile piece of equipment. The Bosu is used for training balance, building strength, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts. You can get an entire body workout with the Bosu.


Bosu Balance Trainer PRO

Medicine Ball

This Dual Grip Medicine ball has two handles for easy-grip and more training options. It’s the perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises, lower-body dynamic and locomotor drills, and explosive two-handle sport movement activities.


SPRI Dual Grip Medicine Ball – 12#

Weighted Bar

The weighted bar is one of the versatile pieces of equipment, giving you a total body workout.


Champion Reactor Work Out Bar – 9#


Dumbbells are another key piece of equipment for your home workouts. I suggest you start with a set of 5# and 8# dumbells. You don’t need much weight to get lean muscles.

SPRI Deluxe Rubber Dumbbells 5# and 8#









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