Hate exercise? How to get fit without working out.

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Are you someone who doesn’t like to workout? Or even more prevalent in today’s demanding world, you don’t have the time. We’ll don’t worry if you make a few daily changes you can get the benefits of exercise while doing other activities. There are plenty of daily activities we do that mimic working out, you just have be creative and plan out activities that you find enjoyable. In fact, if plan carefully, you’ll also burn extra calories and get your heart pumping. I firmly believe in the benefits of working out, but if you’re someone who just doesn’t like it, try one of these simple ideas.

Try these simple things to get exercise without working out.

  1. Housework and Cleaning. Do an hour of vigorous housecleaning four to five times a week. Vacuuming, cleaning your floors, washing windows, these household chores give the benefits of a great cardio workout.
  2. Ditch your car and start to walk or bike. There is nothing better than going on a walk. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.
  3. Buy a pedometer and track your steps every day. Be mindful of how many steps you’re taking. Set hourly goals for yourself so you can reach 10,000 or more steps every day.
  4. Get a dog. Dogs don’t just make great pets. They also need exercise. When you own a dog, you are forced to get outside to walk.
  5. Get a hobby that involves movement. Take up tennis or golf, or another sport that you love to play, but also receive exercise benefits.
  6. Avoid sitting, set a timer on phone or wearable tracking device to remind you to get up and move every 30 minutes.
  7. Take the stairs! We all know taking stairs is the better option,  but they are also easy to avoid. Find the stairs and use them instead of the elevator.
  8. Work on your yard and garden. Weeding your garden is an underestimated workout. Your heart will be pumping, and you get a great upper and lower body workout.
  9. Take your kids or grand kids to the park and play. Invest in a wagon and pull them to the park!
  10. Dance, like no one, is watching! Crank the music and dance around your kitchen or living room for 30 minutes.

The benefits of daily exercise are many. It boosts your mood and energy. Exercise helps control your weight and most importantly combats health conditions and disease. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes per day to stay physically fit and healthy.


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