I’m Obsessed with My Apple Watch

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For the past year, I’ve gone back and forth on what brand of wearable technology to buy. I was so confused that I didn’t purchase anything. Since I work in a gym, members come in wearing all different brands and styles, so I was able to get a lot of honest feedback and opinions.

I knew I wanted to use my watch primarily for fitness. I wanted an accurate heart monitor, GPS and the ability to track my calories based on my activity. Using these criteria I narrowed my choices down to the Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Iconic, and the Apple Watch. After asking hundreds of questions and doing a side by side comparison, I was leaning towards the Apple Watch. My husband ultimately made the final discussion and purchased me the Apple Watch as a Christmas gift. I have to confess, and I am obsessed with my Apple Watch and I am so glad I purchased this watch!

My goal is to workout daily, but I never relied on any technology to gauge my success. I would base my progress on “feeling”, I thought knew when I was getting a good workout and I knew when I was not giving it my all. Since I’ve been wearing my watch, I can now track my progress with numbers. I was a little surprised that some days my goals were met without much effort. Other days I had to work so much harder to reach my daily goals.

The Features I Am Obsessed With On My Apple Watch

  1. Track my steps, each day I can see the accurate number of steps I took. My fitness goals include reaching 10,000 steps per day. I used to use my phone to get an approximate number, but there is no estimating now.
  2. Closing my “rings” every day. My goal is to close exercise rings every day. There are three goals you try and meet every day. The first is a Move Goal, you set this goal yourself. The second and third are the Exercise Goal and Standing Goal and these are preset by Apple. Your Exercise Goal is to workout out 30 minutes per day and to Stand Goal is to stand at least one minute, every hour over a 12 hour period.
  3. I also like having the capacity to choice my workouts. For example, if I’m working out on my elliptical I can choose the Elliptical setting for an accurate representation of my workout on that piece of equipment.
  4. Another feature I like on the Apple Watch over the Fitbit Blaze is that my workouts don’t get paused by accident in the middle of a workout. For instance, on some days I box for my workouts. The Blaze tends to pause from the pressure of the boxing gloves. I don’t have an issue with my Apple Watch stopping accidentally.
  5. Lastly, since I have an iPhone, I get my messages and calls on my watch. I’m trying to be more present and stay off my phone. This feature helps me. I can see a text message or call and choice to answer it if it’s essential. Otherwise, I can read the text or return the call at a more convenient time.

Closing the Rings Challenge

This feature may seem silly and trivial, but I have to say, I’m meeting my goals and I feel great. Some days are much easier than others. I haven’t reached the point where I will get up from bed at 10:30 pm to meet a Move Goal, but I am definitely more aware of how much I’m moving throughout the day. On the days where I need more steps, I may take an extra lap around Target of the grocery to store to meet my Move goal. It’s the little things that are adding up to make a difference. So grateful I received this watch as a gift, so much so I paid it forward and purchased one for my daughter.

What wearable technology do you use and why? I’d love to hear what feature you like and why. Comment below!




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