How Often Your Favorite Celebrities Wash Their Hair

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The million dollar question, how often should I wash my hair with shampoo? My Stylist recommends every two to three days. Find out how often your favorite celebrities wash their hair. Some may surprise you!

Cindy Crawford admitted that she only uses shampoo two to three times a week.
Kim Kardashian shampoos her hair twice a week. She uses dry shampoo to keep her thick hair looking fresh between washes.
Adele just uses cool water to rinse her hair. In 2008 she admitted to Glamour that during that interview she hadn’t used shampoo in over two months.
Jennifer Aniston shampoos every other or third day.
Martha Stewart says she shampoos her hair a lot; she found using the best products available has saved her hair from too much damage.

It looks like there is a definite trend in shampooing hair less. How often do shampoo your hair, are you willing to try and cut down to one to three shampoos a week? There are definite benefits in shampooing less if you’re ready to try, here are some tips.


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