Robby Gene’s January Book Club – Review


Welcome to Robby Gene’s January Book review of You Are A Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. I love this author, I love how she writes and her humor she uses in her writing. I try and read every night before bed, and I couldn’t wait to get to bed to continue reading.

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My Favorite Take-Aways

As I strive for a life of abundance, this book motivates me to accomplish that goal. Jen Sincero has such a witty delivery of valuable lessons that we all should be living by. Especially if we want to be a “badass” at making money.

She gently urges us to get over ourselves and negative thoughts about money. Realize money can be a great thing and can afford you the life you crave. She teaches us that there is nothing wrong with wanting an abundance of money. She writes,”You have one glorious and brief shot at being the you that is you on Planet Earth, and the power to create whatever reality you desire. Why not be the biggest, happiest, most generous, and fully realized humanoid you can be?”  We need to stop thinking money is evil and realize the amount of happiness and change it can bring to our lives and others. She continues,”The money you desire is here for you. The opportunities, the clients, the teachers, the brilliant moneymaking ideas, they’re all here, right now, waiting for you to wake up, let them in, and get the party started.”

Act As If

Instead of telling or suggesting how to be a badass at making money, start leading by example. Actions are stronger than words. Start acting as if.

Stop the Negative Self Talk

Realize that negative self-talk is normal. Once you understand that your ego is trying to talk you into a “safe” place, you’ll learn to move past your fears.

Stop Self Negotiations

Stop negotiating with yourself. Self-negotiating creates cracks in your goals. Every crack or self-negotiation allows excuses to seep into your cracks. She urges us to stop the self-negotiation. If your goal is dependent on getting up one hour earlier, once your alarm goes off, hop out of bed and don’t start the process of self-negotiation.

Muster Up Some Will Power

Strengthen your willpower. Muster up some superhuman willpower to get over any self-doubt. Once ounce of doubt and your out. Learn that with change comes discomfort, and these emotions are normal. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you’re uncomfortable.

Change Your Course

Be willing to change the course your on if needed. Every day you better ways of things, don’t be afraid to change with wisdom. She teaches success is never a straight path, but the key is to start and figure it out on the way.

The Sky’s the Limit

Lastly, STOP the self-limiting goals. Believe you’re capable of doing great things with your life.



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