September Plank Challenge



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Did you know that planking is one of the most effective ways to flatten your stomach? It is so effective because it is a basic bodyweight exercise that engages multiple muscle groups at once. Because it works my core, lower and upper body so efficiently it is my go to core exercise. Given that my summer was a little undisciplined, it is definitely time to get serious about my workouts again. Since yesterday was the unofficial last day of summer, I thought I’d throw out a challenge to you all!

I am challenging you all to a 4-week plank challenge. Seeing that it is easy and there is no equipment needed, and you can plank anywhere at any time, I thought it was the perfect challenge. All things considered, is going to be a fun challenge with lots of health benefits.

Health benefits you’ll gain planking daily.

  1. Toned stomach
  2. Reduce back pain, because planking strengthens your core which helps protect your back.
  3. Improves your flexibility.
  4. Improves balance and posture.

Plank Challenge

Week 1: Plank 30 seconds two times a day.

Week 2: Plank 45 seconds two times a day.

Week 3: Plank 1 minute two times a day.

Week 4: Plank 1 minute 30 seconds two times a day.

To get the most out of this planking challenge, it is important to make sure you maintain proper form.

Image Via Pinterest/NeilaRey
Image Via Pinterest/NeilaRey


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